Managed Resources


We have long worked with many leading clients in Indonesia and enable us to provide professional resources for our customers.

We are experienced in the world of Managed Resources, and therefore we have a large database and tools to support resources at work.

MKU can provide:

  • Telco Resources Supply ex Engineer, NOC, SITAC, Manager, Security Admin etc

  • Non Telco Resources Supply ex Manager, Admin, Cust Service, Sales etc

  • Vehicle Rent Supply (Car and Motorcycle)

  • Tools Support Supply, ex Basic tools CME, Laptop, Measurement Tools, Optical Tools and Safety Tools

  • Payment Agent for Site Guard

  • Completeness of Resources

We also have Branch Office spread in big cities starting from:

  • Jakarta (Head Office)

  • Aceh

  • Batam

  • Palembang

  • Padang

  • Lampung

  • Medan

  • Bali

  • Makassar

  • Yogyakarta

  • Surabaya

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